Thanksgiving Banana Squash Ideas

Let’s get creative with banana squash
Advice for Growing Pumpkins

How to keep your pumpkins growing throughout the fall



Banana Squash


Who knew this squash would taste so good?   

What the heck is a banana squash? This squash has an elongated shape that makes it look like a fatter, pinkish-orange version of zucchini. The flesh of this squash is bright orange with fewer seeds than you’d expect, and is perfect for making squash dishes. The taste of this fruit is like combining a pumpkin and a butternut squash. It’s rich, sweet, nutty, and full of fall flavors that are perfect for any soup or casserole. These squashes are typically large, and make quite a bit of food, so you can save your  leftovers or use the extra squash for a totally new dish!

Banana Squash and Potato Soup

Brown sugar and sage work to bring the sweet flavors out of this squash. Its nutty taste combines perfectly with the thick texture of white potatoes. This delicious soup is the perfect thing to warm up your bones on any chilly autumn night.

Click here for the Banana Squash and Potato Soup Recipe. 

Roasted Banana Squash with Farfalle and Wild Mushrooms

This pasta dish makes a great squash side for any holiday table. The warm roasted banana squash coated in brown sugar will give off a nutty aroma that goes well with added sherry and chewy mushrooms. The textures in this dish are so complex, yet combine so well together to create an unusual nutty, savory flavor in every bite.

Click here for the Roasted Banana Squash with Farfalle and Wild Mushrooms Recipe.

Winter Salad with Banana Squash

This hearty salad uses fresh banana squash drizzled with a tangy balsamic vinegar and olive oil to make a simple, healthy meal. Tiny potatoes help out the sweet squash in this dish by providing a sturdy starch to balance the flavors of the squash.


Click here for the Winter Salad with Banana Squash Recipe.