Mother’s Day Ideas Your Mom Will Love!

Brunch is great, but doesn’t mom deserve something even more special this Mother’s Day?
Fun Mother’s Day Ideas

Try these Mother’s Day ideas for a great holiday all about mom!


There are few things in this world more beloved than moms. Moms are the embodiment of eternal love and devotion. Feeling sick? Mom’s there with a bowl of chicken soup. Had your heart broken? Mom’s using her sleeve to dry your tears. As inherently selfless creatures, you know that they need a day all to themselves, one that celebrates everything that they stand for.

So doesn’t she deserve something more fun than a few hours in a crowded restaurant eating brunch on Mother’s Day? Spend some quality — and delicious — time with your mom and try one of these fun Mother’s Day ideas to celebrate properly. We promise she’ll love it!

Try a Cooking Class Together

If you learned everything you know about the kitchen from mom, it is time to repay the favor. Take a fun and challenging cooking class for some quality time in a low-key environment.

Take a Food Tour

Does mom love cupcakes? Truffles? Chocolate? Whatever her fancy is, we guarantee the closest major city has at least a few specialty shops for her favorite treat. Take her on a self-guided food tour and sample little bits of her favorites! Make sure you let mom pick all the flavors!

Plan a Baking Day


If mom loves to spend time in her own kitchen, a baking day is just the thing. Gather all of the supplies you need to make mom’s favorite sweets. Pop a bottle of dessert wine (if she’s all about the bubbly) and spend the day chatting and baking.