15 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Help the kids give mom a great last minute gift she’ll treasure
Last Minute Help

Don’t forget to give mom something special today!

It’s already May and spring is here, which means Mother’s Day is practically tomorrow. Time to freak out. Or is it?

Mom deserves the finest things in life, but just because a present is last minute, doesn’t mean it can’t be special! Ditch the overly sentimental cards with script your young children cannot decipher and the terribly hackneyed disposable gift of an already wilting bouquet of flowers from the corner store. Do not fall into the trap of taking mother out to an overpriced fancy prix fixe brunch (take her to a worthwhile brunch at least) when you pretty much know the restaurant will be packed with last minute revelers and the food will probably not be all that great.

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Let the kids do something that comes from the heart. Those are the gifts mothers love best, right? Not that cheesy perfume or gadget every mom on the block has. Make something original and one of a kind — let the children create gifts on their own. Whether it's the nanny, dad, auntie, or grandparent supervising, there are several kid friendly DIY projects to fall back on for this Mother's Day.

Kids love to get their hands dirty and exercise those creativity muscles. So hand over the paint, glitter, and the glue, and let them go to town on easy, under-the-wire Mother’s Day gifts. Mom would totally enjoy some customized tea bags made just for her, or a pretty macaroni necklace, or even a practical decorated tote bag.

After the project is complete, make it a gift with original wrapping using some of the materials and techniques from those fun DIYs. A little glitter on a brown paper tied with a bow will surely bring a smile to Mom’s face.

Just make sure to clean up the mess so Mom doesn't have to.

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Macaroni necklaces

Make Mom the most stylish mother around with fancy macaroni necklaces for Mother’s Day. DIY jewelry is the perfect gift for Mom from the youngsters. Paint the pasta pieces for some extra color or use metallic paint and glitter for some shine. Mom will definitely adore her new statement piece, especially if her babies made it for her.

Pasta frames

Moms love to show off their children, make it that much more fun with homemade pasta picture frames for Mother's Day. A little card stock and a lot of pasta go a long way. The noodles in your choice of shapes and sizes can be painted before being glued to the frame base, or spray-painted after applied. Mix it up with dried beans for more colors, shapes, and sizes.


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