Most Creative Mooncakes Slideshow

Adorable and tasty treats for the Mid-Autumn Festival

Anncoo Journal's Handmade Piglet Mooncakes

Granted, the piglet shape is quite common for traditional mooncakes, but Ann from Anncoo Journal's pigs are too cute to handle. She used black beans for the eyes and a toothpick, skewer, and ⅛ teaspoon for detailing.

My Little Space's Sun-Dried Tomatoes Mooncake

As mentioned earlier, traditional mooncake fillings are lotus seed paste and red bean, but Kristy at My Little Space made hers savory with a touch of sun-dried tomatoes mixed with preserved kumquats.

Fatbooo's Snowskin Mooncakes

Snowskin mooncakes are more versatile than traditional skins, and these Garfield- and Hello Kitty-imprinted mooncakes are perfect for kids. The blogger Fatbooo used durian filling in some mooncakes and red bean and black sesame filling in others, but feel free to fill it with ice cream instead for a non-traditional treat.

Not the Kitchen Sink's Lotus Paste Mooncakes

Janine from Not the Kitchen Sink! popped out these beauties using regular molds and just a couple drops of food coloring.

Open Mouth Insert Cookie's Sweet Potato Mooncakes

Spiral mooncakes, also known as Teochew mooncakes, are particularly gorgeous because of their many layers. Carol from Open Mouth Insert Cookie used two doughs with different colors and textures to create hers, and filled the pastry with mashed purple Okinawa sweet potatoes.

Roti N Rice's Butternut Squash Mooncakes

It's almost butternut squash season, and these mooncakes would be perfect throughout fall. For the filling, Biren from Roti N Rice mixed butternut squash with toasted pumpkin seeds, making a unique alternative to pumpkin pie.

Angry Birds' Mooncakes

So these are obvious marketing tools for the Rovio game Angry Birds, but we're sure some savvy baker out there will whip these up in no time. The bird-shaped mooncakes debuted at the Hong Kong Food Expo last month, and the Hong Kong-made pastries come in two flavors: chocolate and mango with pomelo.