It’s Time to Celebrate Petsgiving

Show man’s best friend how much you care this year
Gingerbread Dog House

Build your own doggie-safe gingerbread house!

Your pet is family. Whether your furry friend is the baby of your family, or they’re the only child that doesn’t talk back (aka your favorite), you want to spread the holiday cheer to them on Hanukkah and Christmas. It’s easy to include your pet in Halloween activities by dressing them up in a costume, but the holiday season is a bit more challenging. These holidays focus on food, which is not safe to share with your pets. This year, however, PetSmart has worked to create fun pet treats to make your pup even more involved in the festivities.

Prime Rib and Roasted Honey Ham Bones, along with Turducken dog food, which includes holiday favorites like turkey, carrots, and potatoes, are the perfect thing to serve your pup so he or she doesn’t feel left out on Christmas dinner. For a dessert snack, you can even give your pet a Pup-kin Spice Latte Treat while you’re enjoying your pumpkin pie.

You may think you’re the only one who spends time wrapping up gifts for your pet, but a surprising poll shows that 63 percent of dog owners and 58 percent of cat owners give their pets Christmas presents. Actually, a shocking $5 billion is spent on holiday gifts for pets annually in America, according to Time.

Instead of simply wrapping up dog treats or bones this year, try doing something even more creative like creating a pet-friendly “gingerbread” house for your furry friend. Your beloved pet can destroy this edible treat house while you and your family snack on a real one.

Click here to Learn How to Make Your Own Pet-Friendly Gingerbread House.

Holiday Puppy

Make your pet happy by including them in the holiday fun!

The merriment doesn’t stop there, though. You can also show off your pet love to your neighbors with a pet-friendly wreath on the front door made with Milk-Bone treats, Pup-Peroni Treats, and ribbons. You can create the now and have it hanging all the way until Christmas for a fun, DIY door decoration.

Click here to Learn How to Make a Dog Treat Wreath this Season.

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Serve your pups a Dolce Latte Treat, Peppermint Bark treats, and peanut butter-flavored Lumps of Coal for a special snack on Christmas morning. Whether it’d be for Hanukkah or Christmas, you can’t go wrong with including your furry pal in the festivities this season.