How to Put Football Fans to Work While They’re Watching the Game on Thanksgiving

If you have to watch a turkey while they get to watch the game, you best believe you can put them to work, too
Thanksgiving Jobs


Make your football fan a real MVP on Thanksgiving


For some of us, Thanksgiving means months of preparation culminating in one chaotic day of cooking. Home cooks will find themselves basting the bird while mixing together the pie ingredients and checking on the casseroles. Football fans, however, will be glued to their seats, cheering on their teams while binging on pre-Thanksgiving game day snacks. Sometimes, the world is not a just and fair place. You can set things right, though, by putting those football fans to work. Here are some jobs you can give the couch potatoes without asking them to skip the sports:


You can hand them a bowl of anything so they can mindlessly stir it. Just make sure you don’t give it to a fan that likes to cheer with their hands while watching the game; at least if you don’t want the ceiling to be covered in mashed potatoes


Can Opening

Have them open all of the canned products while their eyes stay glued to the TV.


Green Bean Duty

If you are making a green bean casserole, put your football fan on string bean duty, which means snapping off the ends of the beans and breaking them in half.


Potato Peeling

So long as they are careful, football fans can peel potatoes while watching the game!