How to Prep for Thanksgiving Company shares their tips for effortless home transitioning for the holidays

Hosting a ton of people at your home can be a hassle, but getting your house organized beforehand is an even bigger task. 

Whether you’re putting guests up over the holidays, cooking dinner for a large number of people, or hosting more kids in your home than usual, there are a number of adjustments you’ll have to make to prepare. 

In order to clear out the mess quickly and efficiently, it would create a to-do list of a few easy steps. Luckily,, the resource for stress-free moving, is sharing how to make your living space comfortable and cozy for your guests, from painting to menu planning. 

Start preparing for Thanksgiving with these tips: 

Do More with Less. Clutter can make any room seem claustrophobic, so limit your furniture pieces to the minimum number of items needed to service your dining room and reduce the decorative items down to a few of your favorite pieces.

Clear the Decks. While you're moving things around, look for ways to get as much off the floor as possible — move all electronic equipment, potted plants, and art pieces onto shelves. A clear floor enhances that airy feel.

Through the Looking Glass. Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of space. Wall mirrors reflect the room and any available light. Even a moderately sized mirror can make a big difference in making a room look bigger.

The Great Indoors. Landscape photography and artwork can add visual space to a small room — look for pieces that feature wide-open vistas and vanishing perspective for the most impact.

Say It with Color. If your menu is set and you have extra time to spare, a coat of paint is a great way to make a dining room look bigger. Light colors reflect more light and give a room a more open feel, while darker colors absorb light and create a closed-in feeling. To create an aura of even more space, paint molding and trim in a crisp arctic white.


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