Christmas cookies


Find Out What Your Favorite Christmas Cookie Says About You

Your favorite baked good actually means a lot about your holiday personality
Christmas cookies


What kind of cookie are you this holiday season?

There are few things that are totally synonymous with Christmas. There’s Santa Claus and his reindeer, bustling holiday shopping crowds, eggnog, cheesy Christmas TV specials, and the Christmas tree. But the best part of Christmas? All of the cookies, of course.

From spicy holiday classics such as gingerbread and pecan tassies to childhood favorites like the M&M cookie, there’s not a bad Christmas cookie out there. But which is your absolute favorite? Whether you like cut-outs, snowballs, or thumbprints, your favorite holiday cookie can say a lot about you and how you like to celebrate Christmas.

So find your favorite baked good below and find out who you truly are:


You love to embrace the kitschiest parts of Christmas. Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, snowflakes… you’re obsessed with all of it, so much so that you even want your food in these seasonal shapes. The best part of Christmas to you is all of the holiday décor, and you’re not afraid to leave the lights up on your house a little too long. It’s just all so cheerful!


You are a bold, spicy personality and you like to express that any way you can, even through your holiday baking. You create only the most elaborate gingerbread people with as personalities as big as yours, and your frosting skills are envied throughout the land.  You also believe the best way to embrace food throughout the holiday season is by building gingerbread houses.

M&M Cookies

…With red and green candies only, of course. You have a childlike wonder about you, and doesn’t take much to make you happy. The culinary treats that you find throughout the year are enough for you around the holidays, too. But that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy Christmastime, by any means. You just like to keep it simple with a nice drop cookie.

Pecan Tassies

You’re more of a pie guy (or gal), so even when you have to pick a cookie out of the pack, you’re going to go for the one that most resembles the dessert you actually want. So what if you’re a little bit on the stubborn side? You just like what you like, and you’re not willing to compromise, even if it is the holidays.


Winter is far and away your favorite season. Building snowmen, ice skating, sledding… you love all of these cold weather activities (and more). And when you’re done dashing through the snow, you settle in with a big ol’ mug of peppermint-infused hot cocoa. You embrace Christmas simply because it marks the beginning of your favorite time of year.               



Christmas is all about tradition for you, and you like to keep your holiday classy and classic. Your favorite holiday music is all orchestral, you need to have a real Christmas tree in your house, and your favorite gift to give (and receive) is homemade jam. But just because you like your holidays old school doesn’t mean you’re boring! You just know the best times in life are the little moments.