10 Over-the-Top Gingerbread Houses

Hansel and Gretel would approve of these
Gingerbread House How-To

Romina Peixoto of Le Cirque gives the steps to perfecting a gingerbread house


Could you imagine biting into these incredible cookie houses?

There are a lot of things we love about Christmas, but gingerbread houses are one of our favorites! With so many creative, fun ideas out there, how can you not build your own gingerbread house this Christmas? Not only do they look amazing, but baking your own gingerbread walls will have the entire house smelling like Christmas cookies. Make it even more fun and host a gingerbread house decorating party, where your kids can design their own. With so many sweet candies to decorate with, your gingerbread houses will be colorful and ready-to-eat in no time.

These gingerbread houses are some of the most over-the-top we've found. They all combine creativity with culinary expertise to make houses that are almost too incredible to eat. From glorious castles to nursery rhyme-inspired homes, we’ve found everything you need to get inspired and build your own beautiful creation this holiday season. While these may be difficult to recreate, use their ideas to craft your own unique gingerbread home. With royal icing, gingerbread cookie walls, and a few gumdrops, you’ll have a Hansel and Gretel-approved house in no time.


This article was originally published on December 16, 2010, by Allison Beck.