The Crazy Cost of Halloween

You’ll be shocked at how much money Americans spend on this spooky holiday


How much are those candies, costumes and deocrations really costing?

The saying, “It costs to be cool” isn’t lost on Halloween, the second highest grossing commercial holiday in America. In 2014, Americans spared no expense on their Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy. This year, Halloween spending is estimated to hit a shocking $7.4 billion. That’s a lot of candy, decorations, and cute costumes! 

How much are you willing to drop on this spooky holiday? The average person spends $77.52 on the holiday. The top children’s costume is a princess, while the top adult costume is a pumpkin. That’s one pricey pumpkin! Spending on your individual costume isn’t the only factor to consider when you think about the cost behind phenomenal Halloween parties. You can’t forget about dressing up your furry friend: This year alone, 23 million Americans will put their pet in a costume. Throwing a spooky Halloween bash this year requires decorating your home with frightening décor. This year, a shocking 54 million people will attend or throw a Halloween party.

Thinking about making an adorably spooky treat or a gory, disgusting snack for your guests this year? The candy industry also makes a fortune on this sugar-filled holiday. Both Reese’s and M&M’s gross over 500 million in Halloween sales, which makes them the top-selling chocolate candies. This contributes to the $2.5 billion Americans will spend on candy in 2015 alone. Unlike the delicious candy we’ll consume this year, that news is not so sweet.