Awesome Turkey Ideas From Pinterest

Make adorable turkeys for Thanksgiving décor
Cinnamon Roll Turkey with Bacon Feathers

You’ll just want to gobble these up.

Serving up your sizzling turkey is always the main event at any Thanksgiving dinner. Celebrate your love for the bird with these cute ideas from the Pinaverse. Serve them before dinner as a Thanksgiving Day snack for everyone to gobble over!

Caramel Dip and Apple Turkey

Use your homemade caramel dip for the center of the turkey with two chocolate chips for eyes and a candy corn nose. Then, layer red and green apple slices on one side of the dip to create an elaborate stack of apple feathers.

Cinnamon Roll Turkey with Bacon Feathers

A sweet cinnamon roll becomes the body for your turkey. Carefully place four bacon feathers into one end of the cinnamon roll so they stick out. Add candy eyes and a sideways piece of candy corn for the nose, and you have a delectable  breakfast.

Grape Turkey Skewers

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Use half of a pear as the body for the turkey, leaving the skinny end at the top for the turkey’s face. Alternate green grapes and blueberries on a skewer, and place the skewers into the turkey for the feathers. Everyone can pull apart this turkey-shaped fruit platter for a quick appetizer at your Thanksgiving dinner.