How To Make The Most Of Your Holiday Table

When it comes to setting a showstopping holiday table, there are no rules! Yes, you read it correctly — no rules. At Lawrence Scott Events, we like to mix and match everything on the table to create interest and variety in a room.  Whether we are doing a charity dinner with hundreds of tables, a celebrity event, or an intimate birthday party with one table, we mix it up.

How to Make the Most of Your Holiday Table (Slideshow)

We mix and match china, crystal, centerpieces, charger plates — it's the variety that makes a room interesting and provides guests with a visual feast for the eyes.

As you prepare and pull items, remember Lawrence Scott Event's mantra: what's old is new again — mix and match whatever you have. Go ahead, mix your grandmother's china with everyday dishes. Fabric, a satin bed sheet, and burlap can all be used as a tablecloth for the same setting. And once you have your eclectic mix of dishes and a cloth, move onto creating unique touches for the table to make it even more distinct.

Go to the closet where you stick jars, vases, containers, and things that you aren't sure what to do with. These items are going to become your holiday decorating pieces. Pull out and use what you have — vases, interesting containers, and apothecary jars can all be repurposed to create an interesting holiday table.

A showstopping table is all about the mix of high and the low, formal and relaxed, and a table should always be unexpected to make for a "wow" factor when everyone walks in. Surprise guests with interesting visuals by placing lamps, vases, books, or whatever your favorite items are  on your buffet table or as part of the centerpiece.

The centerpiece becomes the focal point, so do something new and unexpected!  Flowers, while always beautiful, are predictable. Today's centerpiece, especially the holiday one, is about creativity! To learn how to make your holiday table a hit, check out these helpful tips!

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