6 Pint Glasses to Get You in the St. Patrick’s Day Spirit

Cheers to St. Paddy with these conversation-starting pint glasses

St. Patrick’s Day calls for a toast, so be sure to raise one of these cute and funny pint glasses.

Get the party and the conversation started with one (or all) of these fun St. Patrick’s Day pint glasses!

1.    So, everyone knows you are ready to get the party started...


2.    ... and that you’re fun to party with!


3.    Like, really, really, fun and friendly.


4.    But that doesn’t mean that people can start making assumptions about your life.


5.    Because if they do, they’ll be sorry.


6.    No worries, though. In the end, St. Paddy’s Day is all is about one thing:


And who could argue with that? Check out more ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here!