Santa Claus


4 Clever Ways to Show Santa Claus Stopped By (and Prove He’s Real!)

Add some magic to your holiday with these fun and easy ideas
Santa Claus


Show that Santa Claus has come to town with more than eating milk and cookies!

Christmas is quickly approaching, and that means one thing: Santa Claus is coming to town to leave presents for all the good little girls and boys. Unfortunately, in the age of the internet, some kids may seek out information that says the jolly old man from the North Pole isn’t actually real! And after kids of a certain age see such a thing, it can be hard to bring back that particular part of the Christmas magic.

If you want to prove once and for all that Santa is real, or just want to add a little extra intrigue to your Christmas morning, you can easily find a way to show that Father Christmas himself visited your living room.

Sure, you can just munch on some milk and cookies, but it isn’t hard to make the holiday a little more fun than that. If you want to add to the case of Santa Claus’ existence, try out these four fun and easy ways to prove the magical man stopped by your chimney on Christmas Eve:

Catch Him on Video

People have caught Sasquatch on video, so why not Santa? Perhaps you left your cell phone on in the living room last night or just so happened to get a glass of water when Kris Kringle stopped by your house in his jolly red suit. If you have some surveillance footage of Santa to show your children, they’ll be able to see Christmas magic with their own eyes, adding to the wonder of the holiday.

Leave Something Behind

Santa is a busy guy, and in order to give Christmas presents to all the good little girls and boys around the world, he has to move fast. So, it’s not totally out of the ordinary that he would leave a little something behind at your house. Maybe he dropped his sleigh license or some jingle bells from his belt. When your kids finds this little memento, they’ll have definitive proof that Santa is real!

Snowy Footprints

Though Santa Claus may be magical, he isn’t wholly immune from the elements outside. If it happens to be snowy outside, track some of that indoors. If it didn’t snow, make footprints leading from your fireplace to the Christmas tree by using one of your boots (or a pattern) and powdered sugar. Sure, this may be a little messy, but it’s nothing a vacuum can’t fix!

Write a Thank You Note

Using your fanciest penmanship, make sure that Santa thanked your children for the cookies and milk they set out for him. While the disappearing treats will confirm that someone stopped by on Christmas Eve, a note in someone else’s handwriting proves it was none other than Saint Nick himself. As a bonus, a thank you letter from Santa also helps teach kids about proper gift etiquette!