6 Christmas Cookie Plates for Santa

Help Santa get his snack on in style!

Leave cookies for Kriss Kringle with flare.

Santa is a pretty flashy guy. He rides around in a flying sleigh in a bright red suit and is often seen leaving a trail of magical glittery gold stuff behind him. The man is no stranger to pizzazz and Christmas is no time to skimp on the glam.

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You decked your halls and trimmed your tree, but to catch the big guy’s eye, you have to have a signature look that he will definitely notice. One way you are guaranteed to leave your mark? A personalized cookie plate.

Sure, your cookies are decorated to perfection, but what you really need is a great party vessel worthy of carrying your craftsmanship. Picture it: Santa sits down to take a load off  his feet right next to your cookie station. He takes a cookie and — bam! — there it is. Not just an ordinary plate, but a plate shaped like his face! Or even a plate with an adorable message or personalized Christmas quote.

We definitely want you to earn points with the man of the hour, so we found a few super-cute Christmas plates to help you serve Santa in style.


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