3 Easy Last Minute Father's Day Menus

Give Dad a delicious day he’ll always remember

Breakfast Main: Burritos

Smothered in cheese and layered with fluffy eggs, the breakfast burrito is the perfect way to customize a meal for dad. Whether he likes it spicy, mild, or simple, a burrito can be a hearty start to a hungry man’s day.


Breakfast Side: Cheesy Hash Browns


Treat dad to a totally decadent breakfast with these hearty hash browns. You can load them up with dad’s favorite toppings or just serve them simple to feed the crowd at the table.


Breakfast Cocktail: Seelbach Cocktail

A classic cocktail that combines bourbon, Cointreau, bitters, and dry champagne is the perfect way for dad to start the day.


Lunch Main: Porchetta Sandwich

Arthur Bovino

Savory and simple, this sandwich is hearty enough to satisfy dad without over stuffing him. He can customize this sandwich any way he’d like, but usually the porchetta is delicious enough on its own!


Lunch Side: Fondue Fries

Jane Bruce

While there’s nothing quite like enjoying a boiling pot of cheesy fondue with a hunk of crusty bread, sometimes you’re at a loss when you don’t have a fondue pot on hand. Here’s our solution: fondue fries. Fondue is actually incredibly easy to make, so let those fries take the place of the pot and the bread and serve it as a sauce rather than something to dip into. – Anne Dolce


Lunch Dessert: Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches

Fresh-baked cookies and ice cream? Dad will be beside himself when you take these babies out of the freezer!


Dinner Appetizer: Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings

Father’s Day dinner must be spent around the barbecue pit! After all, it is usually a father’s favorite way to dine during the summer. These wings are smoked so perfectly your papa will be proud.


Dinner Main: Grilled Steak


Dads live for a grilled steak. Sear him something extra delicious with this amazing recipe that perfectly brings out all of the natural flavors present in a great cut of steak.


Dinner Side: Grilled Green Beans

Dad will agree: There's no better complement to a barbecue dish than a side of grilled green beans.


Dinner Side: Mexican-Style Grilled Corn

This smoky, flavorful side has just enough seasoning to make dad smile!


Dinner Dessert: Grilled Strawberry Pound Cake

Not only does this dessert come off of the grill, it is full of seasonal, fresh fruits that will make dad’s stomach the happiest it has ever been.