Bizarre Cooking Methods Using Everyday Tools

Ways to cook conventional food... unconventionally.
Washing Machine

Washing Machine

Most people rely on conventional kitchen appliances for the bulk of their cooking. Then there are those who figure out alternative methods for culinary success: lasagna baked in the dishwasher, hot dogs roasted on a rake, burritos warmed under the hood of a car. With a little imagination you can cook a variety of dishes using things that you might not have expected.


Hot Tub Sous Vide Machine
To simulate a traditional sous vide, the hot tub can be rigged to stay at a constant temperature. As Chef Heston Blumenthal demonstrated on his TV show, "Heston's Feasts," by vacuum sealing meat in a plastic bag and turning on the jets every so often to circulate the bath, the roast can be perfectly cooked.


Car Engine Cookery
Burritos, Cajun-style shrimp. A pastrami sandwich. According to a cookbook called "Manifold Destiny" you can cook either dish under the hood of your car. Cooking times are given in mileage. 


Washing Machine Salad Spinner
If you really hate using a salad spinner and don't care about wasting water, try this method. In a clean washing machine, set the dial to the delicate cycle and allow the greens to rinse in the cold water for five minutes before removing and draining. 


Dishwasher Meals
The key to this technique is making sure that whatever you're cooking is wrapped tightly in aluminum foil. Cook the dish (such as lasagna or salmon) for the entire wash and dry cycle. 


Clothes Iron Panini Press
Using a clean iron, turn the dial to the desired heat setting (making sure not to engage the steamer) and cook your sandwich on a sturdy cutting board. 


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