Hey, Chef: What’s in Your Fridge? Roundup

Cliché or not, we rounded up some of the answers to the most commonly asked question

Come on, aren't you just dying to know what's in Christy Vega's fridge?

It’s the question many professional chefs hate — "What’s in your fridge?"

Chef Amanda Cohen, of New York City's Dirt Candy restaurant, explained her hatred of the question to Eater: "Do you care? Does it really matter what’s in my fridge?" Like many other chefs, Cohen doesn't see the point to this query. Because she’s cooking five nights a week at her restaurant, there’s not much cooking going on at home, and therefore, there's nothing in her fridge.

See What's Inside Some of Our Favorite Celebrity Chefs' Fridges Here

Here’s the problem: The "What’s in your fridge?" question may seem unnecessary to chefs, but amateur cooks and fans of celebrity chefs often enjoy reading what the chefs have in their refrigerators — even if it’s nothing at all — and what they prepare for meals at home.

So, even if the question is cliché, pardon us while we indulge our inner fangirl and take a glimpse at what is inside celebrity chefs’ home fridges.

Who’s hooked on using a high-end coffeemaker? Which chefs have kitschy collections? Who uses foot-pedal-operated sinks? Which ones love mayo or beer, and who has four refrigerators?


Take a peak with us inside the refrigerators and kitchens of celebrity chefs including Tyler Florence, Rachael Ray, Mario Batali, and Wolfgang Puck.