Heston Blumenthal to Open Perfectionists’ Café at Heathrow

The Perfectionists’ Café will open in the Queen's Terminal at Heathrow Airport in June 2014

The Perfectionists’ Café is expected to open in June 2014.

Heston Blumenthal has announced the opening of a new restaurant concept in Heathrow Airport’s newly redesigned Terminal 2, slated for June 2014. The Perfectionists’ Café, designed with the specific needs of travelers in mind, will cater to both guests with limited time to spare, and those with long wait times between flights, who want to enjoy an attentive dining experience.

Blumenthal, owner of The Fat Duck, has been developing the menu and concept behind The Perfectionists’ Café for the last year and a half with his team, led by group executive head chef Ashley Palmer-Watts and head chef Julian O’Neill.

The menu will feature classic British fare and “the eccentricity of Great British Invention.” The menu includes fish and chips, burgers, and pizza in the first wood burning oven to be installed in an airport.

The café’s service and design strategy — friendly and fast-paced — is inspired by Blumenthal’s 2006 television series In Search of Perfection, and hopes to invoke the nostalgic glamour of 1960s passenger flights.

“We want to deliver food that is fun and familiar — food that is stimulating to the palate and at the same time easy to enjoy,” said Heston. 


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