Here's a Straw Made Just for Drinking Wine

A red wine lover creates straws for sipping wine without the stains

We know about red wine’s myriad advantages. But can we vent for a moment about the challenges?

Stained teeth are a serious drag. That slimy rim that develops around your inner lower lip is not attractive, either. And how many times is a woman supposed to reapply lip gloss before it’s considered obnoxious?

Jenny LaFever of Orange County, Calif., believes she has solved all three wine woes with Wine Straws. Taking a cue from dentists who have long endorsed the sipping of coffee, red wine, and other potentially teeth-staining beverages from straws, LaFever created these BPA-free plastic straws specifically for red wine lovers.

The inner diameter of a Wine Straw is smaller than your average soda-sipping straw. So the flow of red nectar into your gullet is the same as sipping from a glass. They are recyclable and come in packs of four ($2.99) or 12 ($6.99).

Now you can party with peace of mind — and mouth.

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