Heineken's 'Beer Cube' Creates Buzz

Though not yet fully developed, the prototype for Heineken has design freaks and beer lovers excited

Would you drink out of a "beer cube"?

Beer in a cube? We knew beer would eventually follow in boxed wine's footsteps. Heineken's getting a lot of buzz for a new prototype of the "beer cube," a hand-friendly cube that's more like a milk carton than a keg. 

Food Republic shows off French designer Petit Romain's design, a green, glass cube that's based off a similar Heineken design in 1963. That was the Heineken WOBO, a Heineken "brick that holds beer," Inhabitat reports. Dutch architect John Habraken's design was inspired after a beach trip littered with beer bottles; the bricks were even designed to stack on top of each other like true brick-and-mortar blocks. The final result? A beer bottle that saves on building materials and waste. However, the brewery wasn't totally on board with the WOBO; only about 100,000 of the brick bottles were sold. 

Today, the Heineken cube can also be stacked, stored, and carried almost like a milk carton. Yet, they're small enough to be held like, well, a regular beer bottle. Is boxed beer the beer of the future? Heineken's leading the way.