sunburn mistakes

Ways You’re Making Your Sunburn Worse

These mistakes could be painful
sunburn mistakes

Sitting in the sun when you're already burnt is a really bad idea.

Summer is lush with fun opportunities to sit outdoors in the sun. There are backyard barbecues to enjoy where you can devour all kinds of delicious seasonal food — some healthier than others. Your friends are hosting parties where you can sip cool cocktails in the summer heat. You’re going on beach days in search of your base tan.

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Seriously, there’s so much to do in the summer. As you enjoy yourself under the beaming sunshine, you might forget about the strength of the UV rays hitting your skin. And once you return home after the warm-weather festivities, you might realize your skin has turned an unwelcome shade of red.

You got sunburned. Maybe you forgot to wear sunscreen. Maybe you wore sunscreen, but somehow the sun scarred you anyway. No matter the situation, it’s imperative that you take care of your skin after a bad burn.


There’s a lot you can do to ease the pain of your sunburn — moisturizing with natural products, for example, and staying hydrated. But there are also some unfortunate mistakes that could make your sunburn worse.