What Nutritionists Drink at Happy Hour

Nutritionists don’t stick to just alcohol at happy hour


Is there really a healthy type of alcohol?

Whether your drink of choice is a margarita, martini, or ice cold beer, you must take into consideration that most alcoholic drinks do not contain nutrients, but instead, sugar and calories. However, even nutritionists and doctors enjoy a cocktail every once in a while, not to mention that a glass of wine is equal to an hour in the gym.

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Most nutritionists stick with one drink at happy hour, followed by a glass of water. That drink could be a glass of white wine, which tends to be a bit lower in calories than red wine. Either way, a glass of wine tends to be between 120 to 170 calories. The lowest calorie option would be some version of a vodka soda. This has about 96 calories. Regardless, the most important thing that nutritionists recommend is to stay hydrated and not drink on an empty stomach. Be sure to order healthy snacks, such as almonds or vegetables and hummus, if you haven’t eaten at lunch or order a healthy dinner.