Was It Worth It?: How These 10 Famous Diet and Fitness Gurus Died

Did you ever wonder if following a strict exercise regimen and/or dietary program really will help you live longer?
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Achieving a high level of physical fitness can't always undo years of damage done to one's body.

As consumers of pop culture, it’s easy to follow celebrity fad diets and trends as opposed to dedicating ourselves to a regimented, personalized diet plan. Fad diets are called fad diets for a reason: They’re here, they fail, and they’re gone. Unlike transient dieting trends, there are a few time-tested dieting strategies that function more as a lifestyle than a fleeting mode of eating or exercising.

Click here for Was It Worth It?: How These 10 Famous Diet and Fitness Gurus Died.

Certain people throughout history have made it their life’s work to conquer the body and mind through exercise and physical fitness, advocating for their particular method of eating or exercising over the course of many years. From completely abstaining from carbohydrates to running 80 miles each week while consuming sugar-laden junk foods, the diet and fitness experts featured in the following slideshow achieved guru status in a variety of ways. The question that begs an answer is: Was it worth it? Can foraging for your food or rejecting processed foods help you live a longer, healthier life?

Obviously, these gurus all believed that their method of healthy living was best. In terms of contributing to longevity, however, you’ll see that some of the following lifestyles appear to have worked better than others. Click ahead for Was It Worth It?: How These 10 Famous Diet and Fitness Gurus Died.

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