cheesecake factory unhealthy

The Unhealthiest Menu Items at Cheesecake Factory

Get ready to drool, then immediately cringe at these calorie counts
cheesecake factory unhealthy

Some of their pasta dishes have a crazy amount of calories. 

The Cheesecake Factory’s menu is more than a little overwhelming — it’s basically a book. While they now display the calorie count next to every menu item for your perusal, it can still be difficult to compare all of the options and decide which item you truly crave.

The Unhealthiest Menu Items at Cheesecake Factory Gallery

It’s surprising to some that the nationwide chain chooses to display the calorie information so readily, since it is also known for its insane calorie numbers. Wouldn’t seeing a sky-high number next to a scrumptious-sounding cheesecake deter people from ordering?

Regardless, the chain has managed to attract people far and wide. People may not be frequenting Cheesecake Factory in search of a skimpy meal. And many leave the place full-bellied with an even fuller bag of leftovers. And if you know how to do it right, you can easily make those leftovers come alive from your fridge days later.

Since Cheesecake Factory does not publicize any nutrition information other than their calorie counts, it was impossible to take into account any other nutritional value in this list. However, there are so many other factors besides calories that a person should take into consideration when debating the health of a particular food item. But regardless, these are the menu items with calorie counts most worthy of a gawk at.


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