diet soda

Facts About Diet Soda That Might Make You Finally Stop Drinking It

It’s worse for you than you think
diet soda

It might be time to quit the addiction.

So how many diet sodas have you had today? Some people can stop at just one. Others rarely imbibe any, preferring water or juice or some other healthful beverage. Yet there you are, guzzling soda after soda, morning, noon, and night.

18 Facts About Diet Soda That Might Make You Finally Stop Drinking It (Gallery)

Hi, my name is ___ and I’m a diet soda addict. It’s time for Diet Sodaholics Anonymous. That stuff is really, really bad for you.

You’ve heard this speech already — yeah, yeah, yeah. Cancer, chemicals, all that jazz. But I mean, a super sweet and satisfyingly cool beverage for zero calories?! No amount of coverage of the cancer potential of soda is going to get you to quit. So day after day, you keep coming back for more.


Plus, the risks seem so rare and distant that they basically don’t apply to you, anyway. Or so you might think. In reality, the risks of diet soda can be immediate and relevant to your life right now — not just in some distant, elderly future. And when you break it all down, the side effects of drinking diet sodas are just downright unpleasant. Here are 18 of the worst facts about them; they’re so disturbing, they might finally get you to stop drinking it.