s'well bottles

The S’well War on Plastic Bottles

This company is making major strides to reduce plastic waste
s'well bottles

Sarah Kauss founded S’well in 2010 with a mission to rid the world of plastic water bottles.

"My approach was simple: Create a bottle that looked better and worked harder so that we could do more good," said Kauss. "I’ve carried a reusable bottle with me most of my adult life and needed something that could climb the corporate ladder with me – not look like a camping accessory. While hiking with my mom, I took a sip of warm water and realized there was an opportunity to create a better drinking experience."

There are many bottles on the market, so what makes S’well stand out? Kauss believes what's special about S'well spans from their design and innovation to their 70-step manufacturing process. They also have a mission to give back.

"S’well is a name with many meanings," Kauss said. "It stands for the wholesome goodness of a bygone era and a happiness that comes from a positive experience. It suggests a groundswell of people coming together – in our case, to rid the world of single-use plastic – and the pleasure of simple moments like watching the swells in the ocean."

Their more than 200 designs are inspired by the runway and global fashion trends. They collaborate with an array of established designers, up-and-coming artists, and well known brands to create new looks each season.

"The past year has been an exciting one here at S’well! We went beyond the iconic bottle shape with the launch of the S’well Traveler and S’well Tumbler – two new wide-mouth forms. We also introduced new S’well gear to our range of fun accessories," Kauss said.

"In 2016, S’well launched sister-brand, S’ip by S’well, the playful and bright design alternative. S’ip by S’well also has a wide selection of sought-after designs, including kid-friendly bottles and travel mugs."

The United States is S'well's largest market, but they are continuing to expand internationally. You can currently find S’well in 65 countries.

"We operate like a fashion brand, releasing two seasonal collections throughout the year." The brand also collaborates with artists and brands on special releases.

Sarah Kauss, founder of S'well, gave us a few tips for conserving plastic: 
"It starts with being aware and prepared. Most of us don’t realize how much single-use plastic we go through in a day.  But by thinking through how much we use, when we use it and how we might replace that plastic with alternative products or no products all together, we can start to make a difference in our consumption habits."

"For example, by deciding that you’re going to carry a S’well filled with water with you everywhere, you know you’ll always be prepared to quench your thirst no matter where you might be. And perhaps you can’t resist your green smoothie that comes in a plastic cup, but you can forgo the plastic lid or straw that they serve it with. We really can make small changes in our everyday lives to start to create positive change."

"Research shows that one person has the potential to displace 167 single-use plastic water bottles a year. With this statistic in mind, S’well launched a program called the Million Bottle Project. Our goal with this initiative is to raise awareness about the consumption of single-use plastic and emphasize how we as individuals can take simple steps to make a positive impact on the environment."


"People globally can join S’well in taking the pledge to help minimize consumption of single-use plastics on our website."