peanut butter spoon

Peanut Butter Is the Secret to Smoother Legs

They give you a way (peanut) better shave
peanut butter spoon

A jar of peanut butter is way cheaper than shaving cream.

The food might not be allergy-friendly, but it’s so delicious — and anyone who’s ever tried an upgraded PB&J knows that the taste of peanut butter goes well with practically anything. Creamy or crunchy, natural or not, the spread might be the only food in existence that’s a favorite of kids, parents, health enthusiasts, and nutritionists alike.

But the nutrient-dense food can benefit your body in more ways than just from eating it. Peanuts provide nourishing compounds for your skin cells that moisturize as you shave — kind of like a cheaper, more natural shaving cream.

“Peanut butter has a moisturizing effect because it is oily,” Dr. Susan Mayou, a consultant dermatologist at London’s Cadogan Clinic, told the Daily Mail, “but even used just as a beauty product, it can be highly allergenic.”

So as long as you don’t have an allergy, give it a go. We advise you use a creamy variety — rinsing chunks of peanuts from your blade doesn’t sound fun at all. Some experts recommend mixing thicker peanut butter with water to dilute it a bit before trying the tactic — thick peanut butter can clump easily, giving you an uneven shave.

Those who have tried and failed at shaving with peanut butter neglected to fix the clumpy consistency first. And the results were not pretty. Make sure you use enough water to break up the gooey texture before applying.

Essentially, all you need to do is smear the spread all over the surface you want to shave.

Once it’s spread, just shave as you would normally, preferably with a sharp razor. Rinse the blade often as you go, so you don’t get too much gunk stuck in the razor. Then, rinse off your skin and pat dry.

After the shave, your skin will likely feel super-smooth and hydrated — maybe even a bit oily. This is from the peanut oil. Don’t be alarmed! It’s good for you, especially during the drying winter season.

Everyone who’s tried it claims their legs have never been smoother. One person who attempted the peanut butter shave admitted, “The result was surprisingly good, even if the process was unsurprisingly disgusting.” Others were deterred from trying again because they failed to dilute their peanut butter with water, but claimed that after they’d finished their legs felt smoother than, well… peanut butter.


The spread worked some serious magic. What can’t peanut butter do? This is really only one of more than 10 ways you never knew you could use your jar of peanut butter.