recycling earth day

25 Lazy Ways to Save the Planet

Now you have no excuse
recycling earth day

Even if you don't recycle, these other simple actions can make a big difference

The statistics are pretty dismal, so we won’t bore you with specifics — but we all know the environment is seriously struggling, especially when it comes to garbage and pollution. The bleak reality of environmental destruction can, at times, seem overwhelming. How many tons of garbage? How much noxious gas from carbon emissions?

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It can be easy, when faced with such daunting facts, to throw in the towel and give up entirely. If all of humanity is responsible, your neglect couldn’t possibly do that much more harm… But, collectively, it really can. And when you total your individual impact throughout the span of your lifetime, the effect can be massive.

Hiding behind excuses is also tempting. Recycling is hard. How are you supposed to get to work if you can’t drive? And as for repurposing plastics, you are terrible at crafting.


But some environmentally-friendly changes are so simple, there is no excuse. For the average lazy person, here are 25 totally accessible ways to save the planet that will hardly require you lift a finger.