How Many Calories Are There in Your Easter Candy?

Just how much damage will those Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies do to your calorie count?

Those Lindt Chocolate Bunnies look cute, but how many empty calories do they contain?

We recently published The Definitive Ranking of Your Favorite Easter Candies — judging these confections on deliciousness, not healthfulness. Generally, the Easter candies ranked in that piece aren’t considered viable additions to a healthy eating lifestyle. Sure, one or two pieces of candy every now and again won’t completely derail anyone’s diet, but the fact of the matter is that candy and healthy aren’t synonyms. They belong on two sides of a Venn diagram, and the section where they overlap can be labelled as “moderation.”

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When practicing holiday-related moderation, there are some tricks to avoid overindulging. When you’re faced with an incredible Easter spread, portion control is crucial. Remembering that three to four ounces of meat protein is usually the size of your palm and filling the rest of your plate with green vegetables instead of overeating something more calorie-dense like fingerling potatoes can help prevent Easter Sunday from turning into a 10,000-calorie splurge.

With all of this in mind, how should you handle those sweet, tempting Easter candies? We’ve explained how choosing bittersweet dark chocolate can, in fact, be beneficial for one’s health. With less beneficial treats like Cadbury eggs and Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs tempting you on Easter, you’ll have to ignore your true candy-driven desires and, again, be moderate.

Enjoying one or two candies on Easter isn’t going to harm you, but eating an entire bag of M&M’s just might. We’ve discussed calories in an Easter basket before, but it’s time for an update. Thus, we’ve decided to do a calorie count on the candies featured in our recent Easter candy ranking piece.


Oh, but there’s a twist: This time, we’re ranking them from least calories per serving to the most calories per serving. Knowledge is power, and knowing how many calories are in the candy you decide to (moderately) indulge on can help you maintain your healthy eating lifestyle.