Healthy Alternatives to Your Favorite Stadium Food

Fried food is no longer an option. And you won’t want it after trying these healthy options

Zucchini noodles could be your new favorite way to eat pasta. 

You’ve been limiting yourself to healthy foods for the past month and you decide a trip to the game means it’s time for a cheat day. The only problem is that a cheat day could make your cravings spiral out of control, putting you in danger of binging on all the unhealthy foods you can get your hands on. Before the game even starts, you have your eyes on the fried chicken and large cheeseburger. Lucky for you, we have some clever ways to make unhealthy foods more nutritious with the help of fresh flavors and new ingredients.

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You’ve been working so hard to keep up your healthy lifestyle that it would be a disservice to your body — and your mind — to throw everything out the window. Luckily, your favorite fried foods taste even better not fried, and your meat dish is more flavorful meatless. It’s important to let yourself live a little, but fill up on healthy items first. The goal is to satisfy your body with what it really needs and then enjoy a treat here and there. Read on for eight healthy twists on stadium classics.

Buffalo Cauliflower "Wings"

Shutterstock / Nate Allred 

These are buffalo-seasoned cauliflower florets.

This spin on your typical fried Buffalo chicken wings has the same flavor-blasted taste but less than half the calories and fat. If you are looking to get the same satisfaction, this vegan alternative is just the ticket.

Chicken Bratwurst

Photo Modified: Flickr / Stefano A.  / CC BY 4.0

This is chicken sausage.


You can pair chicken bratwurst with all your favorite toppings — and you won’t have to worry about the additional 100 calories and 15 grams of fat that come from a pork bratwurst. Not to mention that this healthy alternative has six grams more protein that regular bratwurst, keeping you fuller longer.