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The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Menu Items at Noodles and Company

Not all pasta dishes are bad for you

Noodles and Company is a fast-casual chain that, as the name implies, serves mostly pasta. You’ll find comfort foods like macaroni and cheese and pad thai, as well as noodle-filled soups and salads on their varied menu. You might think that such a chain couldn’t possibly offer options that pass for healthy — but among the oodles of noodles on the menu, there are dishes with surprisingly healthy ingredients.

The Healthiest and Unhealthiest Menu Items at Noodles and Company Gallery

Noodles and Company actually gives a lot of thought to the nutritional value of their menu, making it one of the healthiest chain restaurants according to our ranking. They add fresh vegetables to many of their meals and only use soybean oil to sauté with.

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Plus, just because they serve pasta doesn’t mean their food is not a healthy choice. It is possible to make a healthy pasta dish. Many meals based around pasta are loaded with cream- or butter-based sauces and cheese. Noodles and Company serves a balance of these items and ones with lighter sauce and heavier portions of vegetables. Sometimes you might really want a buttery bowl of carbs. Other times, you might want something with more fiber and nutrients. Here’s a breakdown of the healthiest and unhealthiest menu items at Noodles and Company.