Do This to Banish Dreaded Cellulite

Everyone’s got it, but these tips can help you defeat it

We are constantly inundated with stereotypical images of beauty —‚ flowing hair, luscious skin, tight builds — and as a result of our constant exposure to airbrushed billboards and magazine covers, any physical feature that deviates from this conventional idea of attractiveness is considered an imperfection. But imperfection is in its own way perfection; it’s what makes us human. There is however, nothing wrong with striving to meet our own personal definition of beauty, and fortunately achieving it is within our control.  

Cellulite emerges as the fat cells beneath the skin push upwards on connective tissue, giving the skin a bumpy appearance. Cellulite is not necessarily related to weight; it’s prevalent in both skinny and overweight people. Like many other conditions, cellulite is most strongly linked to genetics, but a lack of physical activity, slow metabolism, thickness of skin, and fad dieting are all factors that may contribute to its noticeability.

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Eating a healthy diet is always recommended, but to reduce cellulite requires a two-pronged approach, one that targets the condition from both above, and below, the skin. Topical solutions, as well as the right dieting strategy, can help detoxify the body, repair collagen, protect the skin cells, and help banish dreaded cellulite. 

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Do this to banish dreaded cellulite.