Can You Guess the Most Common Celebrity Juice Cleanse?

There are dozens of packaged juice cleanses, but one reigns supreme

Photo Modified: Flickr / Mike Mozart / CC BY 4.0

This is the juice cleanse that celebrities go to most often.

There are myriad reasons to embark on the journey that is a juice cleanse. Perhaps you’re seeking mental benefits after a stressful month at work. Alternatively, you may approach a juice cleanse hoping to reap in some of its physical benefits. Or, you simply partied far too hard last weekend and you just want a controlled way to reset yourself and get on with life. Regardless of the reason you start, your experience with juice will certainly have some sort of impact on your body and mind. One reason that many people undertake an occasional cleanse is because they see their favorite celebrity enjoying one.

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There are good ways to cleanse, and there are scary alternatives. Many celebrities partake in a pre-bottled, USDA-certified cleanse, and this should be considered a relatively safe approach to the process.

Options that you may see your favorite movie star carrying around, such as the LuliTonix’s Adaptogenic Reset called The Alchemist, are expensive but useful tools. The Alchemist cleanse lasts from two to five days and aims to rid your body of stress-inspiring tonic herbs. Alessandra Ambrosio has been seen enjoying LuliTonix juices.

There’s another cleanse, a raw food cleanse, offered in various levels by Kaeng Raeng that stars like Denise Richards, Lauren Conrad, and Jennifer Lopez are said to be fans of. There’s certainly no lack in varieties of (and opinions on) juice cleanses, but one reigns supreme.

Not only are they some of the best-tasting (and, unfortunately, relatively expensive) juices, but BluePrint’s variety of cleanses are loved by celebrities and non-celebrities alike. With four cleanse options (ranging in “difficulty” from an introductory cleanse to an expert-leveled cleanse) and many ways to approach the process, BluePrint’s method is one that can fit into nearly anyone’s schedule. Not convinced yet? Well, Sarah Jessica Parker loves it. Does that pique your attention?

While many approaches to a cleanse leave you consuming around 1,000 liquid calories per day, it’s important to remember that the celebrities you see carrying around BluePrint’s easily recognizable clear bottles with blue lids aren’t doing their cleanse forever. A BluePrint cleanse should be researched before being undertook, and you better believe that celebrities don’t approach this popular cleanse in a haphazard fashion. Consider a cleanse the kick-start to a happier, healthier you.

The accompanying slideshow is provided by special contributor Emily Alford.

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