Ways You Didn’t Know Your Body Changes After 50

What you should expect for the years ahead — they could be your best!
body changes after 50

Your skin, your hormones, and your vision are just a few of the things that are about to change.

With age, you gain wisdom, strength, and experience. You develop meaningful relationships and watch those around you grow. You begin to discover what you find most important, and let go of some of the rules that governed your younger days. But along with those immaterial things, your body goes through some changes, as well.

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Many of the changes that come with old age you probably already know. Your metabolism slows down, for instance, and you become more susceptible to high blood pressure and heart disease. You know not to overdo it on the salt, and limiting foods that could send your cholesterol flying might already be on your mind. But what other, more subtle changes are about to happen?


You may get wrinkles or see your hair turn gray. Every person experiences aging differently, but there are things happening biologically that cause these visual changes. Other changes are completely invisible, happening in your brain or at a cellular level. As you pass through to the second half of a century, you will likely start to feel different. You may find yourself becoming tired more easily. Here are some of the lesser-known ways your body changes after you turn 50.