Are Meal Replacement Bars Actually Healthy?

Choosing a clean-ingredient nutrition bar could replace a nutritious meal
nutrition bar


Reaching for a healthy nutrition bar when you are running around could save your appetite.

We lead busy lives. If the only time you spend at home is sleeping, it’s hard to even imagine spending your free time cooking or preparing meals. That’s where nutrition bars come in. Some nutrition bars have the same nutritional value as a candy bar, so best not replace a healthy, wholesome meal with sugar. However, every once in a while, meal replacement bars are a perfect healthy substitute and better than eating nothing.

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When choosing the best meal replacement bar, start by checking the label. You want to know the ingredients in addition to how much fat, protein, and carbohydrates the bar contains. Nutrition bars such as Larabars and KIND bars are perfect for a snack, but they do not necessarily have enough protein to replace an entire meal. However, bars such as ALOHA protein bars, which have 18 grams of protein, and Quest bars, which have 20 grams of protein, are perfect as a meal replacement. When in doubt, reach for whole foods, but meal replacement bars are beneficial every once in a while.