Target Is Looking to Swap Chocolate Bars for Nutrition Bars at the Checkout Line

In an effort to promote healthier eating, Target is making a small change that should have a healthier impact
Target Checkout Line

Photo Modified: Flickr/Nate Grigg/CC 4.0

Target is testing healthier snacks at the cash register.

Instead of candy bars and junk food, Target will start placing healthier food near their cash registers to promote healthier eating.

The area by the cash register can often be the most dangerous because that is where customers make impulsive purchases.

Target will test this in 30 stores with snacks like KIND bars and Simply Balanced nutrition bars to encourage people to eat healthier.

“There’s both a huge business opportunity here and a bit of a moral imperative,” Christina Hennington, SVP of merchandising told Fortune and other reporters on September 15 at a briefing meeting. “Our ultimate goal is to improve the health of the nation.”

Target is not the only store that might be trying to do better at the checkout line. A nutrition advocacy group called the Center for Science in the Public Interest is trying to pressure Bed Bath & Beyond to get rid of candy and other junk food at the cash register to promote healthier habits.


Earlier this year, Target came out with a Made to Matter collection of better-for-you snacks and products form brands like Plum Organics and Justin’s. They were also testing out artisan-style cafés in the food courts with options such as kale salads and pressed juices instead of pizzas and hot dogs.