When It Comes to Exercising, Competition Is Better Than Moral Support


9 Biggest Health and Fitness Breakthroughs of 2016

These developments will change the way you think about health and fitness

Staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a demanding task that requires commitment and discipline, but it’s not impossible. Breakthrough studies are being published every day that give us the knowledge to make choices beneficial to our well-being. Following tried-and-true healthy lifestyle regimens is recommended, but it helps to incorporate recent medical findings into your decision-making.  

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Looking through the most current research not only keeps your information up to date, but it also serves as a reminder to what you may already know. For example, everyone is aware that exercise is beneficial to health, but it’s not common knowledge that a consistent workout routine improves memory. Each of these breakthrough studies should be evaluated independently, even though many of them build on existing knowledge within the fields of health and fitness.

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With topics ranging from activity trackers to marijuana to competitive exercising, here are the biggest health and fitness breakthroughs of 2016.