7 Exercises to Improve Your Sexual Stamina

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Exercises to Improve Your Sexual Stamina


Research shows a clear link between exercise and improved sexual vitality.

Actress Mae West called sex “emotion in motion,” and many people would agree that there is an undeniable connection that comes from intimacy with a spouse, partner… or even a recent acquaintance. But if sex is the physical expression of emotion, this means that a lack of sexual stamina inhibits your ability to properly communicate your feelings.

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Poor sexual stamina can be frustrating, but it’s quite common in both men and women. According to research, men’s average stamina is between two to five minutes, while women’s can last approximately 20 minutes before orgasm. A lack of sexual stamina is not the result of any one particular factor, but is rather a collection a physical and physiological incongruence. Blood flow to sexual organs, physical endurance, flexibility, concentration, and strength all play a role in prolonging the sexual experience.

This is good news: It means an inability to perform satisfactorily is not irreversible.

Research shows a clear link between exercise and improved sexual vitality. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study, a longitudinal study of health and aging, found that participants who burned an average of 200 calories per day were considerably less likely to become impotent over time compared to men who didn’t exercise at all. Exercise can help women’s sexual stamina, too. Increased flexibility and strengthening of the pelvic floor can relieve pain and increase the duration of orgasms.

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But not all exercises are beneficial; for example, riding a bike actually increases the likelihood of male impotency due to the continual compression of the nerve and blood supplies to the penis. To improve your stamina in the bedroom, try these seven exercises.