6 Tweaks to Make Your Chocolate Chip Cookies Healthier

Plot twist: Chocolate chip cookies can be moderately healthy


Adding vegetables into your cookie recipes can be beneficial for both nutritional content and texture.

With National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day (March 15) just one week away, we wanted to give you plenty of time to prep for your healthiest cookie-making session ever. We’ve got a few subs, swaps, and tricks that will leave you feeling a little less guilty when you reach for that second (or fifth) chocolate chip cookie.

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The Daily Meal’s Cook editor Angela Carlos recently wrote about the history of chocolate chip cookie-making. She says that this widely popular variation of the cookie “was invented by accident, sort of. Ruth Wakefield ran the Toll House Restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts, with her husband [and] was an accomplished baker. Creation legend has it that [either] Wakefield ran out of bakers’ chocolate [and] walnuts or a vibrating mixer knocked… semi-sweet chips into her cookie dough.”

Regardless of how the cookies originated, they’re hugely successful and popular across all culinary platforms today. From make-them-yourself store-bought chocolate chip cookie dough to premade chocolate chip cookie brands and homemade recipes perfect for parents and their children, there’s no shortage in the supply of chocolate chip cookie sources or inspiration.

Thus, we’d like to suggest our own source of cookie-spiration: We want you to try some healthier chocolate chip cookie recipes. If you don’t like them, don’t worry; you can always pawn them off on a relative or neighbor. If you’re someone who’s sick and tired of finding yourself 15 tablespoons deep into a tub of raw cookie dough, though, then these recipes may be a good first step in your cookie rehab.