5 Easy Weight-Loss Tips


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To lose weight, create healthy habits.

Losing weight is a difficult trial. It is even more difficult if you are following a fad diet that eliminates foods that you want, or even worse, foods that your body really needs. If you are on the path to healthy weight loss, it is important to consult with a nutritionist or a doctor who can tell you more about your body and the healthiest way to lose excess weight. Losing weight is a journey, but you can make your load a little bit lighter by following these five easy weight-loss tips and making simple modifications to your lifestyle.

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1. Avoid Late-Night Eating
It is not harmful to eat a balanced meal later in the evening if you get home late. However, if you eat unhealthy foods later in the evening, you are usually just adding unnecessary calories to your daily intake. One of the easy weight-loss tips is to keep your evening meal light and allow some time before you hit the sheets.

2. Control Portion Size
Believe it or not, losing weight is more about how much you eat than what you eat. Restaurants offer meals that are two or three times the size of what you should be eating, so it may help to only eat half and take the rest home for another meal. Using measuring cups can also be a good idea when you are at home; measure cereal, granola, or yogurt to be sure you are not overeating.

3. Do Not Eat More Because You Exercise
After a difficult workout, it’s common to feel a hunger pang. To avoid eating what you burned from your workout or maybe even more, hydrate immediately afterwards and have a meal that combines protein and carbohydrates.

4. Get Enough Sleep
Sleep not only keeps you focused and energized throughout the day but also regulates the rest of your body (including its fat-burning cells). Research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that subjects who cut back on sleep also cut their fat loss in half, even those who kept the same diet. In addition, the subjects felt hungrier and lacked energy for exercise.   


5. Never Go a Long Period of Time Without Food
It may be hard to believe, but snacking can be beneficial and is a significant addition to the other easy weight-loss tips. The reason that diets fail is due to hunger throughout the day, which can happen if you go too long without eating. Elizabeth Ward, a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant, recommends eating healthy snacks in between meals to keep your energy levels stable throughout the day.