The 20 Most Insane Professional Athlete Diets

Believe it: the diets of these professional athletes are not like any others
Insane Workout Diets

The Daily Meal previews our list of some of the most insane workout diets used by professional athletes.

From celebratory Skittles to eating half a peanut, these diets are pretty crazy.


Americans are seemingly fixated with learning how others eat. From celebrity diets to diet fads that didn’t last, we crave an inside look into the dietary modes of others. One particular breed of person, the professional athlete, requires a nutritional regimen that doesn’t exactly mirror America’s new dietary guidelines.

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For starters, professional athletes, whatever their sport, get much more daily exercise than average Americans do. In the science of calories in versus calories out, this means that athletes require a higher daily caloric intake than librarians or politicians. Furthermore, sports like football have specific positions that benefit from large bodies. In a fairly recent list of the heaviest linemen in the NFL, the top weight was a whopping 364 pounds. You better believe that not only does a body of that size require much more food than a smaller body, but also that these large athletes often find it hard to get down the incredible amount of calories they’re supposed to eat. In a game of inches like football, every pound (thus every calorie) counts.

In addition to diets whose main purpose is to keep calorie counts up, there are specific diets followed by various sports figures that just don't seem to make much sense. Some rely on just one or a few sources of food (or drink). Others seem to contradict every article about healthy eating you've ever read. Some almost seem to be based on superstition. Read on to see some of the (pardon us) ridiculous ways in which some professional athletes choose to eat.