10 Recipes for a Healthy Haunted Halloween Party

These Halloween treats are scary healthy and scary good
Meringue Bones


The crunch of these “bones” will give you and your children a nice relief from all of that gummy, chewy, chocolatey Halloween candy

For kids (and some adults), trick-or-treating is an essential Halloween experience, but wandering around dark neighborhoods for hours, knocking on strangers’ doors, and receiving “magic pennies” can get tiresome pretty quickly. That’s why it’s best to cut the trick-or-treating short and host your own Halloween bash instead.  

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Halloween is officially Oct. 31, but by that time everyone’s been munching on snack-sized chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, gummy worms, and candy corn for weeks. For that reason, your own Halloween party should feature uniquely frightening dishes that your guests have never seen or tasted before. But what if you want to spook your friends without serving them platters of junk food?

Hosting a healthy Halloween party can be easy; it definitely takes some skill and ingenuity to make tasty and terrifying treats that aren’t part of a dieter’s nightmare — but that doesn’t mean you need to restrict the menu to cucumber finger sandwiches. There are many fun and creative options that embody the spooky feeling of Halloween without the extra sugar and calories.

Here are 10 recipes for a healthy, haunted Halloween party.