'Healthy Eating' Playlist

There are a surprising number of songs about vegetables and fruit

Check out this playlist that might just make you want some vegetables.

You might think it's crazy that we're creating a playlist for "Healthy Eating," but there are a surprising number of songs that cater to the vegetable/fruit group. Who knew?

Then again, we did have to delve into the areas of kid-friendly songs, which basically means there are a lot of Veggie Tales songs on this playlist. Go ahead, brainwash your kid! We won't judge. We're all for kids eating healthy, even if it means tricking them with catchy tunes and sing-a-longs.

Check out the healthy eating playlist below, but don't blame us if your kids start singing the Veggie Tales theme song on repeat (or the annoying "Apples and Bananas" one as well). There are a few weird ones for adults as well (and we really wanted to put Regina Spektor's "Bobbing for Apples," but it was, unfortunately, too NSFW). Let us know if we missed anything important in the comments below.