Have a No-Labor Labor Day Party

9 ways to keep you from slaving away in the kitchen this Labor Day
Friends at a party


Enjoy a fun and relaxing Labor Day.

For many, Labor Day marks the end of summer and the transition back to school (and loss of summer Fridays). All you might think about is that day off from work, but having that first Monday in September is also a time to honor and pay tribute to the efforts of American workers. Whether you’re attending a parade, heading to the beach, or gathering with friends, keep one thing in mind: keep the labor effort low.

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When hosting a get-together, more often than not we get caught up in assembling the perfect menu, setting a stunning table, and end up spending a day or more working in the kitchen for what ends up being a four-hour gathering. This is where we go wrong. In general, keeping things simple, streamlined, and casual (and learning how to ask for help) should be your mantra if you’re looking to minimize effort when entertaining friends and family. And on the last official weekend of summer, that’s exactly what you should be doing.

Whether you’re headed to the beach with a picnic, or having friends over to your house, or getting together with neighbors to have a progressive dinner party, we’ve got plenty of advice to keep your minutes spent in the kitchen to a minimum, leaving you more time to be outside spend with friends. We’ll show you what to cook (and to not cook) and what to serve your guests to quench their thirst. We’ll even share our favorite easy tips for adding style to an otherwise unset table.

Click here to see Have a No-Labor Labor Day Party Slideshow.