Haute Hot Dogs at the Ballpark

Unique franks you can eat while cheering on your favorite team

You can find more toppings than just mustard and ketchup on these dogs.

Delaware North Companies Sportservice, a company that brings and dining concepts to the professional athletic sector, has unveiled a new line of “Haute Hot Dogs.”

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The concept comes after a national trend of gourmet street food, and will feature gourmet hot dogs with local beer and wine pairings that are specific to the team and city where it will be sold.

In Texas, Rangers fans can feast on a “Firework Frank,” which consists of an all beef hot dog, white onions, red ketchup, and blueberry chipotle aioli and sip on a Leinie Summer Shandy or a Sunburst Red wine.

In Cincinatti, Reds fans will have their own unique creation, with a hot dog wrapped in country ham, Mr. Red’s pulled pork, shredded cabbage, pickled red onions and mustard all grilled on a baguette. This frank can be paired with Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale or Sandusky Fireland’s Gewurztraminer.


Curious to see if these haute dogs are coming to a stadium near you? Check out the slideshow to see more!