'Harvest on the Hudson' Dinner Cruise Comes to New York

World Yacht sets sail for fall with a dinner cruise
World Yacht

Passengers aboard World Yacht cruises are treated to a spectacular view of the Manhattan skyline.

When you live in the greatest city on the planet, there’s a twisted irony that states you’ll eventually wind up taking all of its awesomeness for granted. After all, New York City is a grind, and all too often it bogs down even the most rough-and-tumble New Yorkers.

Thankfully, World Yacht realized jaded city-dwellers could use a refresher cruise on board one its swanky ships, and they’ve created the perfect plan of action — and eating — to snap your appreciation for the city back into its proper place.  

"Harvest on the Hudson" is World Yacht’s homage to autumn in New York, featuring immaculate ingredients sourced from farms across the state (OK, and Jersey, too), including World Yacht’s own 400-square-foot "Floating Garden."  Everything you’ll eat on board will be as fresh and local as possible, from baby mustard greens, Swiss chard, and arugula to the Coach Farms (Pine Plains, N.Y.) petit fresh mozzarella and Rawstruck goat cheese.  

The food served is straightforward, like slow-braised chicken with pancetta, Brussels sprouts, and root vegetables, and cranberry apple crisp with a rolled oat crumble. The dishes are perfect examples of maximizing the flavor from the fall yield, and their simplicity is expertly calculated to highlight the natural tastes and superior quality of produce, protein, and dairy.

And we’ve yet to even discuss the views!

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While the New York-style cuisine is a major draw in itself, the views that you’ll be treated to during this three-hour voyage are so spectacular that they make any price World Yacht decides to charge seem like a bargain. We’re talking priceless views of the Manhattan skyline, with this ship setting sail at Pier 81 and traveling south around Battery Park and the Financial District. You’ll see the Empire State Building and Freedom Tower lit up in all their majesty, along with everything in between.