Happy National Beer Can Day: The 5 Canned Beers We Love

Beer cans are back with a vengeance: why you'll never want beer from a bottle again

While canned beer may be all the rage today, the first canned beer was sold long ago on Jan. 24, 1935 — that's a whole lot of time to perfect our favorite way to enjoy a cold one, in a can. Therefore, it's only fair that we celebrate that first can sold each January. 

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CNN shares the history of canned beer; the first test run of canned beer, back in 1933 was the Krueger’s Special Beer from Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company. Canned beer quickly caught on; by 1941, more than 1 million beer cans were sold. 

Of course, the era of canned beers faded out, but came back with a vengeance in the '90s. Many attribute the rise of canned beer today to Colorado brewery Oskar Blues, who has only ever sold its beers in cans. Dale Katechis, the founder of Oskar Blues, told The Daily Meal that it was a risk to sell his beers in cans back in 1997, when canned beers were "laughed at as the cheap vessels for cheap beer." Still, it was a risk he was willing to take to avoid the "skunky" aroma that can happen when UV rays penetrate beer bottles. "All we really had to risk is people would stop thinking it's a gimmick," Katechis said. "Once we knew that it wasn't a gimmick, that's what prompted us to take the risk."


For that, we raise a glass to our five favorite canned beers — and of course, a beer can (or wine steamed!) chicken recipes to go with them. (And if you're wondering whether to splurge on a fancy craft beer for your beer can chicken, Bon Appétit shares that your $2 PBR will taste just as good stuffed up in a chicken.)