Hanukkah Wines

Bottlerocket's Tom Geniesse suggests kosher wines for the holiday
Hanukkah Wines

We get some suggestions for kosher wines

Hannukah celebration

Hannukah celebration

Kosher wine rarely inspires confidence for regular wine drinkers, but Bottlerocket’s Tom Geniesse believes that fear is an old stereotype. "I think a lot of people don’t understand that almost any winery can make kosher wine... Be open-minded," he says. "There was a time I think when wine was boiled... But the world has changed!" So if you have a Hanukkah dinner or need wine for a gift, there’s no reason to shy away from the kosher section!

Geniesse has a few specific suggestions. He starts with a prosecco from Florenza that he describes as "lively, fun, fruity, and fresh." A bottle will set you back only $19.

Continuing with whites he suggests a Baron Herzog Chardonnay with "lots of body, a little bit of oak and vanilla." A bottle of this wine is $15.

He also suggests getting into the Hanukkah spirit by purchasing some wines from Israel. Two that he recommends are Segal’s Fusion Red and Judean Hills. The first is medium-bodied and food-friendly, but if you want something bolder, the latter will be "big, rich, beautiful, and complex." They are $17 and $28, respectively.

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