Hanson's MmmHops Beer Finally Debuts and More News

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In today's Media Mix, Mega Potato returns to Japan, plus wine aged with saltwater
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MmmHop IPA Out: Finally! Hanson's MmmHop IPA debuts with the Hangover III. [People]

Ocean-Aged Wine: Remember that winery aging four cases of wine out at sea? Well, it turns out the experiment worked, and saltwater-aged wine is actually extraordinary. Now, where can we get our hands on some? [Fox News]

GMO-Free Products: As anti-GMO laws start forming, more and more companies are looking for resources to track down non-GMO ingredients. [NY Times]

Questioning Your Beer Choice? Here's another profanity-ridden website to help you out. [Should I Drink This F*cking Beer?]

Hanson Is Getting Into the Beer Business

Mega Potato Returns: Japan's gigantic fry-size called the Mega Potato is back. We're expecting french fry parties to scandalize the general public once more. [Japan Today]